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What to See & Do in Port MacDonnell

Enjoy a myriad of water sports; fishing, surfing, boating, snorkeling, or sailing, and for the more adventurous cave-diving in internationally renowned sinkholes.  Savor locally caught, fresh Southern Rock Lobster from South Australia's most southern port.  4 wheel drive along the coast, climb a dormant volcano, meander along a bush track, or just relax with family and friends in this quaint fishing village!

Visitor Information Brochure & Map

Use the brochure and Map together to find out everything you need to know about Port MacDonnell


 Cape Northumberland Heritage and Nature Park

Experience the magnificent rugged coastline, natural vegetation and uninterrupted ocean views at South Australia‟s most Southerly Point. Cape Northumberland is the site of the the first mainland lighthouse in South Australia built in 1858, and the replacement lighthouse built 1882. It is one of the most spectacular locations for an uninterrupted view of the sunrise and sunset of the Southern Ocean. 


Little Penguin Colony at Cape Northumberland 

View the Little Penguins returning to their Colony each day at dusk and dawn with the Penguin Viewing Platform at Cape Northumberland Heritage & Nature Park providing the best views of the Little Penguin's natural habitat. Please ensure you take a suitable torch, only use the path, and stay away from the cliff edge.  PLEASE NOTE: Since April 2016 the Colony has been victim of predator attacks & the population has been severely impacted - please click here for further information or visit the Port MacDonnell & District Maritime Museum

Watch Port MacDonnell fisherman dive for local Abalone while friendly dolphin watches on.  (Courtesy of Wild Harvest Australian Seafood)

Coastal Carvings

The Southern Ocean has been carving impressions for thousands of years where the water meets the mainland. Rock formations locally called Rhino, Frog, Crocodile and Camel Rocks, Lobster Pot Rocks and Map of Australia Reef can all be seen from the Lighthouse area at Cape Northumberland.

Petrified Forest and Wagon Wheel Tracks

Clearly seen at low tide from Sea Parade, the wagon wheel tracks were carved in the granite by the bullock team wagons that once carried the wool, pebbles and other items to and from the state‟s second busiest port at the time.

 Bi-centennial Turret

A gentle walk to the top of the curving turret allows views of Mount Schank, Mount Gambier , Cape Northumberland and Cape Douglas.

Lt James Grant named Cape Northumberland when he observed the coastline from the HMS Lady Nelson on 3 December 1800.  Wheelchair access. Free tourist facility.

Tenterden Reserve Skate Park & Playground

A free recreational facility which includes 'grinds and half pipe', located on Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell.  

Jetty, Breakwater, Boat Haven and Boat Ramp

Protects South Australia‟s largest Rock Lobster Fishing Fleet and provides sheltered conditions for recreational water sports and fishing spots.  Tenterden Reserve is also home to the Port MacDonnell Off Shore Angling Club and the public boat ramp.


Port MacDonnell Community Hall Mural

233.2 square metres of mural depicting scenes from local history painted by 416 local residents under the careful eye of regional artist Kathy Mabon in 1999. Watch out for the fishermen in the boat that follow you as you walk by and try to count how many seagulls are featured!

Customs House 

Built in 1863, it was the only one of its type in South Australia to combine Police Station and residence, cells, court room, customs house, post and telegraph stations with residence and school teacher‟s residence. Currently a private home with luxurious apartment style bed and breakfast accommodation.


Bay Wave & Penguin sculptures

The entrances of Port MacDonnell have been brought to life by Ivo Tadic, a renowned sculptor from Mount Gambier. Both made of limestone, the 'Bay Wave' sculpture weights around 50 tons and contains enough limestone to build an entire medium sized house. The Bay Wave was a community project including the local school children who sculptured the shells that make up part of the finished project.

The Penguins are a favourite of children! 

Stories of Port MacDonnell

This brochure details some of the town's historic features and attractions

War Memorial and German Mine

On the front lawn of the Customs House stands an obelisk in memory of those who gave their lives in war and a German Mine that washed up at Port MacDonnell in 1943.

Port MacDonnell Historic Trail and Woolwash Interpretive Centre

 An invitation to discover Historic Port MacDonnell. The historic Trail is a walk or drive discovering homes, businesses and natural wonders of historical significance to the local area, and includes the Woolwash Interpretive Centre.

Finger Point Conservation Park

Popular surfing swimming and diving spot with 1/2 & 2 hour walking trails 


Admella Discovery Trail

A self drive touring route integrating cultural, heritage and nature based experiences within a 130km radius of Port MacDonnell. 21 maritime themed interpretive trail markers emotively recount the tale of the wreck of the SS Admella, which occurred in the early hours of 6 August 1859; the beginning of a horrific week for survivors who remained on board, in sight of land, while volunteers struggled to rescue them from the stricken steamer.  


Port MacDonnell and District Maritime Museum

Holds a vast and interesting collection of maritime artifacts and displays and information on over 40 local shipwrecks that occurred along the rugged coast, including the ship‟s signal cannon and bell from the SS Admella. It also tells the story of the town‟s important fishing industry. Entry is via the Port MacDonnell Community Complex.


Playgrounds, Parks & Gardens 



Port MacDonnell has a dedicated cycle and walking path alongside the ocean that travels from the Caravan Park and Woolwash swimming beach to the old lighthouse site at Cape Northumberland.

The District Council of Grant offers a beautiful and changing vista for road cyclists, with the "Tour of the Great South Coast" cycling race, boasting over 120 intrastate, interstate and international riders, held annually in August.



The Port MacDonnell Community Gym  

Open to the general public 7 days a week, 7am - 7pm



Visit the Port MacDonnell Community Complex

While enjoying your stay, or before your visit, contact our Community Complex for Visitor Information, souvenirs, library, gallery, museum, banking, government and council services, free public wireless internet and computer facilities, and free youth activities.