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Kanawinka Geotrail




Explores the ancient landscape between the Coonawarra in South Australia through to Victoria's Lake Corangamite


The Kanawinka Geotrail will take you a a journey through Australia's most extensive volcanic province, in South East South Australia and South West Victoria, with over 60 sites offering a range of visitor experiences including beautiful waterfalls, caves and coastal formations as well as Mount Schank.

Mount Schank

Walk into an dormant volcano! Part of the Kanawinka Global Geopark; Australia‚Äüs only internationally recognised Geopark. Lieutenant Grant named this fascinating remnant volcano at the time he named Mount Gambier. It was named after a friend, Captain Schank. There is a track which leads to the top and it is possible to descend into the crater of the dormant volcano. The walk from the carpark to the top and into the crater of the old volcano is signposted and estimated as being of moderate difficulty and should take about 2½ hours.